Office cleaning Sydney checklist

Office cleaning can sometimes be seen as easy, you just walk in dust a few things, vacuum the floors and you are good to go. This is never the case. A good cleaner should neither be seen nor heard and the result should never be questioned.

To ensure you get the most out of your Sydney Office Cleaning the checklist below will make sure you know how to give great instructions and make sure the office is left sparkling clean.

Sydney office cleaning checklist

  1. Before you meet with your new cleaner have a think about how your office environment works, what jobs you need the office cleaner to perform, what your expectations are.
  2. Your office cleaner should be experienced, they will be able to advise you on what services they feel you will need, and how frequently you will need your Sydney office cleaned.
  3. Have a list and agree on what services they will perform. Services should include, dusting, vacuum, mop, rubbish removal, telephone clean,desk clean, all other surfaces, and touch points.
  4. Other things to consider are; computers and monitors- do you need them wiped down? Do you need your internal and external windows cleaned? How often? Should your carpets be cleaned periodically?
  5. A good office cleaner will have a checklist and will periodically review the service, understand how this will operate.
  6. Every office is different and you have may have very specific requirements, express these so you can ensure the job is done correctly.
  7. After your first office clean make sure you check the job, and if you are unhappy with any aspect discuss the issue and a good office cleaner will fix it quick smart.
  8. You and your office cleaner are both busy people so make sure you establish a level of contact, how often you would like to speak, or if not at all, clear lines of communication keep everyone happy.
  9. Make sure you office cleaner does not contract your job out. Know who you are dealing with and who is cleaning your space.
  10. You have lot of choice in Sydney office cleaning so do your homework, make sure you feel comfortable with the company and they present as professional.
  11. Always ask how long their employees have been working for them. Strong employee history points to a well run office cleaning business.
  12. Check for longevity of business and testimonials.

Always go with someone you feel confident and comfortable with but if you adhere to the above Sydney office cleaning checklist you will get a great cleaner and have a sparkling office every time.

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