Is your Sydney office cleaner up to scratch?

Cleaning is one of those things that tends to get entrenched. Our experience with new clients is that they have generally had an office cleaner for some time. Although they haven’t been happy with the service provided, the thought of going through the process of getting a new cleaner, and potentially being in the same position, is daunting.

Is your office really clean?

Normally the first thing that comes to your attention is that the office and the areas around it are not looking up the scratch. Office cleaning is bit like golf, it’s easy to learn but very hard to do well. When was the last time to door was wiped? Are there finger marks all over the light switches? Are desks are not really clean? Your office can have a general air of being a bit tired.

Have a good look around after the cleaners have been in and see if they have performed all their agreed duties. Do you have a list of what services you should be receiving? If not then you need one. You need to have accountability for the money you are spending. Are the services on the list being performed well? Or is it just perfunctory service, with a quick wipe and dashing out the door. Generally if you don’t feel happy with your service there is a reason.

How do you find a new commercial cleaner?

sydney office cleaner

Finding a reputable Sydney commercial cleaner can be difficult and also easy. There are some very established companies who have great reputations but even so, you need to make sure you are comfortable with the management and their process.

The first step in the process is recommendations. Do you know any other businesses that that you could ask about their cleaners? A recommendation can sometimes be a good thing but make sure they are really happy with their commercial cleaning service, and not just passing on a name.

The most obvious port of call is doing a search on the web for “commercial cleaning sydney”, “office cleaning sydney” or “sydney cbd office cleaning”. These searches will yield a list of companies that service your area and you can generally get a feel for how professional a company is by its website. But in saying that, some companies have been around for a long time and don’t need a great website!

What you really need to do is make a short list and get them over to your office to give you a quote on getting your cleaning up to scratch.

Things to remember:

  • Draw up a list of cleaning requirements
  • Ask for suggestions as to other services
  • Ask if they outsource your cleaning
  • Ask if they screen their staff and the average employment time
  • Get a written quote with a list of services and additional service times
  • Ensure there is probationary period
  • Ensure there is a process for dealing with any issues you may have
  • Remember the best quote is not necessarily the cheapest!

At the end of the day you have to be comfortable with who you are working with, and be confident that they can deliver on their promise of providing a better commercial cleaning service for your Sydney office.

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